Why Should You Choose Techbot’s Odoo ERP Over Other ERPs?

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There is no denying the fact that ERPs have become an integral part of businesses that want to stay afloat in the current market. In order to maintain and optimize workflow productivity, it is important to find an ERP that saves time and enhances the profitability quotient of a business. However, most ERPs require additional investments, in the form of time, resources and finances. Thereby, choosing an ERP that is time and cost-efficient is the need of the hour.

There is a whole host of ERP software solutions to choose from, like MS Dynamics NAV, SAP Business One, NetSuite etc. Being an SME, the biggest problem that you will face while implementing any one of these software solutions is the lack of appropriate information regarding prices and features. This leads to further confusion and not only is your precious time wasted but you also end up putting a lot of money in all the wrong pockets.

To avoid these problems and make the most of your company’s potential, we recommend choosing ODOO ERP over others and that is precisely why we, at Techboterp, are the licensed providers of ODOO. Why should you choose this ERP? Listed below are the points that you should consider before making the choice.


Freedom of Implementation

When you opt for Techboterp ODOO ERP, you have the freedom of hosting and server selection that you do not have with other ERPs. You can host ODOO ERP on cloud and also on your computer. ODOO will assist you by managing your server on the basis of the apps and user you select. With the current inclination towards a mobile-first world, clients are invariably looking for options that make the entire work process a lot more convenient. Cloud hosting gives people that freedom of fuss-free data entry, easy navigation, Android native app, multi-user management options and much more.

Suitable for all business needs

Usually, with ERP software options, you or your clients might face the problem of a few fixed solutions for all kinds of needs. However, that is often a flawed option. Techboterp’s ODOO ERP addresses this problem and offers the solution of 7000 plus modules, out of which, each module caters to a particular business need. 

All businesses have their unique phases of growth and expansion. With ODOO, you have the option of choosing and implementing a module that is in accordance with the current workflow needs of your business. Also, ODOO is continuing to be updated with newer versions that will further contribute to enhancing your business productivity.

All solutions under one roof

With our ODOO ERP, we offer multiple features and solutions under one roof. You have access to business support systems, management and enhancement of business operations in one place. In simpler terms, all your needs under sales and marketing, CRM, human resources and warehouse management, accounting, POS etc will be taken care of. This will ensure that you do not have spend further time in outsourcing your remaining business needs.

User-friendly interface

The ODOO ERP solution that we provide is a powerhouse but what differentiates it from other ERPs is the sheer ease of use it offers. Due to its add-on features in user interface, it will offer complete support to you. Other ERPs are either not fully functional or do not have direct customer support. Their web interface might also not be mobile-friendly. With ODOO, you have a responsive layout that allows you to maximize the mobile usage of the software. 

Easily customizable

At Techboterp, we give you a whole range of customization options that most ERPs do not give. The Enterprise version of ODOO, that we offer, gives enough flexibility to withstand changes that often happen in businesses. Alongside, ODOO is flexible enough to co-exist with other software solutions that a particular business might be using at the moment.

Moreover, our customization tools are so simple that it does not even require high-end technical knowledge to customize business apps, workflows and other requirements.

Concluding Thoughts

With such relevant advantages over other ERPs, it is but obvious that TechbotERP’s Odoo ERP will always have an upper hand. It is faster, more affordable and easier, that eventually saves time, money and supports your unique business needs like none other.


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