Which is the best business ERP solution?

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Business solutions can be innovative ideas or combinations that are tailored as per the business requirements to achieve the best objectives. These solutions can be a package of some integrated business activities, like marketing, lead generation, accounts management, employee management, and so on. The business solution must make the work easy. The overall management must be done with much ease. Recently, ERP solutions seem to take over the business burdens.

What is ERP?

ERP, the Enterprise Resource Planning, is the solution that integrates the management activities and business processes to make it as simple as that. It’s mediated by technology and software. Mostly these ERP soft-wares are used by different companies to organize their management activities and integrate all the business processes with one system or software. It’s quite beneficial to manage and monitor the business from wherever you are. It helps in better tracking of the whole business. Earlier we needed separate accounting software to manage the accounts of the company and we needed to manually manage it.

But with ERP solution accounting becomes an easy and simple task. Since all the company processes are integrated and automated we need not manually do accounts. It will be automatically updated and correct reports will be generated. Here all the business activities like, CRM, sales, purchase, inventory, and so on are integrated with the accounting module too. Thus, we can see many ERP service providers in this scenario. 

What is Odoo?

 On-Demand Open Object, shortly known as Odoo is an Open ERP software, developed by Fabien Pinckaers and released in the year 2005. The business management software Odoo includes the core modules like CRM, accounting, eCommerce, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Website, Project management, and many more. All these enable a business to be integrated. It’s available in both the Community version which is licensed for the general public and the Enterprise version which is having a proprietary license-ship. Recently, Odoo V14 has been released which is currently in use. Over the years, Odoo saw great growth and presently Odoo has 5+ million users across the world. It has 17000+ third-party applications developed by various Odoo partners. Still, Odoo is in great zeal and zest to explore new horizons every day.

Why is Odoo?

Odoo is an Open Source ERP which means its source code is publicly available and therefore we are able to customize it according to the requirements of the customers, with the help of a Software developer. However, it needs great development skills to customize the source code of an Open ERP. Odoo has many inbuilt modules with default settings but a user can customize it as per their requirements. Now, if the customization does not go well the user may face serious issues.

Let’s see some key points.

  • Open source code : Source code of Odoo is publicly available and a user can customize it as per their needs.

  • Flexibility : With the help of an Odoo Developer, a user can customize their Odoo and use it like they want.

  • User friendly : Comparatively, Odoo is more user-friendly than all other ERP software.

  • Third-Party application : There are 17000+ third-party applications available in Odoo Store. Anyone can download it and use it.

  • Odoo support : A user gets good support from Odoo and timely emails. Odoo service is also available through various Odoo partners.

  • Proven product : Odoo is a proven product with 5+ million users.

  • Timely updations : Odoo does timely updates to the software. Currently, Odoo V14 is on board.

  • Highly modular : A user need not install all the applications rather only the needed modules which eases their business.

  • Integration with third-party services : Odoo is also integrated with many third-party services like SMS, Mails, Social media, and so on.

  • Low implementation cost : Comparatively, Odoo has a lower implementation cost.

  • Takes less time for implementation : Odoo takes less time to implement, comparatively.

Who is Techbot?

 At Team Techbot, we are an Official Ready Partner of Odoo, established in Dubai, U.A.E. Our motto is “Simple Solution for Complex Operation”. We ensure in providing high-quality Odoo services across the globe. We deliver value solutions for our customers. Being the Official Ready Partner of Odoo we provide Odoo ERP customization, implementation, and other Odoo related services. We always stand with customer satisfaction and provide high-end quality services. We are rich in best management practices. We have the best Odoo developers and Consultants, and our R & D team is always updated with fluctuating business conditions and the latest technologies.


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