Telecom Service Dubai

For an efficient business, you need seamless communication. At Techbot, we offer fast, unique, and affordable voice solutions for small and large business segments. It helps them connect and communicate with people across the globe to deliver high-standard service.
We have a wide variety of phone systems with extensive features and tools to enhance connectivity and productivity in the most affordable way. We can help you find the right solution that adequately serves your business needs.
Phone System Service
Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, we offer the best telephone system service in UAE. We cater to the telecommunication needs of offices, hotels, homes, branch offices, and so forth in different geographic locations with high-quality phone system brands. We have several years of experience in successfully providing customized voice solutions to businesses at competitive prices.
Office Phone System
Give your business a professional touch with our reliable office telephone system service Dubai that offers unmatched performance, flexibility and robustness.
Hotel Phone System
Take your hospitality to new heights with our hotel phone system service that will improve productivity, flexibility and facilities offered to guests.
Home Phone System
Our home phone system meets your specific requirements without disturbing the look and feel of the home.
Phone System Installation
We believe in the proper installation of products we deliver for a smooth and trouble-free experience. Our in-house team of experts offers a fast and personalized installation service in Dubai, UAE, to facilitate seamless communication.
Maintenance and Service Support
We provide top-class maintenance and servicing of the products we install. Programming and equipment changes are offered too. If you need any assistance, our telecommunication team will reach out in the fastest possible time. 
CRM Phone Integration
Integrating different business apps in the communication space for optimal performance is referred to as Phone Integration. It gives you a framework with a user-friendly interface so that your employees can manage the work from anywhere. 

A phone system integrated with CRM software improves the efficiency of various business processes. It gives your business a true competitive advantage, increases quality and customer service.

A seamless CRM phone integration doesn’t require any special hardware equipment. All you need is – your telephony settings, a separate computer for the CRM phone server, and headset or VoIP SIP phones.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Telephony Integration makes sure everything is tracked in the CRM. It includes the features like Click to dial, screen pop, progressive dialer, inbound call control, etc.
Telephone OpenERP Integration
Odoo CRM phone integration better organizes your business operations and keeps you connected with the customers in real-time. It improves your team’s efficiency to serve the customers, gives better insights to make smarter decisions, and increases productivity.
Salesforce Telephony Integration
Integrating telephony platform with salesforce CRM software simplifies your business sales process and facilitates better customer service. It gives your sales team a detailed information about the customer from lead status to the current stage.
Telephone Vtiger CRM Integration
Vtiger CRM makes your business stand out in the crowd. It helps you efficiently manage calls, build a long-lasting relationship with the customers and enhance client satisfaction.
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