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Do you want to give your business a digital boost? Are you looking for a secure, reliable, and cost-effective VoIP-enabled PABX solution?  It’s time to make a smooth transition to the best IP Telephone system.
Innumerable conversations happen in business, and every call counts. When you need to keep your company’s communication system at its peak, the PABX telephony solution is a must. We offer you a premium standard yet affordable IP Telephony that is packed with essential business communications tools and applications.
PABX System Dubai
Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a private telephone network within an enterprise. This system allows internal communication for a business in the most affordable way. All the users share a small pool of lines instead of using separate phone lines. Additionally, the PABX system provides features like call transfer, conference calling, speed dialing, call waiting, voicemail, automatic ring back, and call forwarding to meet the ever-changing telecommunication needs of modern businesses.
PABX phone system is reliable and dependable. The system will keep working even when the computer network is down. It requires no regular maintenance checks or any upgrades. Once you have installed the PABX system, you can go back to working stress-free. We deal with top brands – Cisco PABX, Panasonic PABX, Samsung PABX, Avaya PBX, Cisco PBX, and Alcatel PABX to fulfill our customers’ requirements. Our team will assist you in choosing the best solution for your business.
OpenVox UC501- IP Phone system
The OpenVox UC 501 is a 4U Asterisk-based IP PBX system – a complete set of hardware and software designed for medium to large offices and enterprise-level companies.

The system consists of four modules that include the Asterisk IP PBX, a high quality HD sound station, and a redundant power supply system. Each module can be installed in a different place, allowing maximum uptime and flexibility to meet the most demanding conditions.

OpenVox IP PBX gateway is a telecom solution that helps to reduce communication costs while providing highly high-quality and dependable service.

With up to 8 port analogue connections and 2 Ethernet ports, the service can effortlessly combine VoIP trunks with your existing PSTN lines. With an integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply, the system may provide additional stability for your unified communication systems (UPS).

The OpenVox PBX is a comprehensive corporate communication solution that can be utilised for any company purpose, whether it is a small system for an office or a large-scale enterprise solution, we are the top openVox PBX supplier in Dubai.

Incredible Performance and Features
The UC501 is a powerful IP PBX phone system that can be deployed at the branch or head-end to broaden business communication possibilities. Key features include:

  • Quad Core Cortex A7 Processor, 1G DDR3 RAM, 8-ch HD voice and 4-ch IP video conferencing
  • Support various SIP trunk protocols such as IAX2/3, H323, SIP and MGCP
  • Unified softswitch and PRI/BRI gateway, supporting up to 128 concurrent calls and 1000 extensions
  • SIP ALG support for MS Lync Server on LAN for seamless integration

We provide the easiest way to create your own cloud solution for your business through our turn-key Cloud PBX. Get your best PBX Installation in Dubai with our convincing and reliable IP phone system.

Safety and Reliability
UC Series comes with an embedded UPS module, which allows the series to prevent your system from damage caused by unexpected power failure. OpenVox PBX is operational in multiple environments.

  • UC Series provides extra reliability in field conditions. 
  • It has passed UL/TUV/CE/FCC/BSMI/CCC certification and is compliant with the industrial standards. 
  • Users can use UC Series to place and receive calls, do voice and video conferences.
  • Collect data manually or automatically, transfer music and video files, send SMS/email and so on.
User  Limitless
Warranty  3 Years (UPS Battery 1 year)
FXS Ports Upto 8 ports
EXO Ports Upto 8 ports
DTMF In-band. REC2833. SIP INFO
Proportions 250mm*147mm*44mm
Codec H264, VP8, G711 a/u law, G722, OPUS, SILK, AMR-NBWB, H263P, H263, G723.1 GSM, G729, G726, ADPCM. iLBC, 
WAN (Wide Area Network) 1* 10/100M
LAN (Local Area Network) 1* 10/100M
UPS Optional and removable
External Storage 128G SD Card
Voice Recording  9,500 mins (.wav); 86,000 mins (.gsm)
SPK Interface 1
MIC Interface 1
T38 Fax Yes
Firewall Security Yes
IP Connectivity DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE, FirewallBridge, VPN
Transport Protocol SRTP, UDP, TLS  TCP, 
Protocol lAX2, SIP (RFC3261)
Electricity Consumption Maximum power usage: 12V/1.3A.16W Max
Highest Number of Concurrent Calls 100 Concurrent G.729 Codec Calls

300 Concurrent G.711 Codec Calls

Net Weight of UC501 8589
Approx Storage Temperature -20° ~ 65
Approx Operating Temperature 0°C to 50 °C
  • SIP and IAX2 support.
  • Audio calls with HD video
  • Call Detail Records Call Back Speed Dial (CDR)
  • 2 SIP trunk lines for call recording
  • Support Backup/Restore Remote Management
  • Hot Standby 
  • Assistance Fail2ban
  • Flexible Route Blacklist (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Time Condition for AutoCLIP
  • SIP calling that is secure (TLS encryption) 
  • PIN List 
  • Automated Attendant (IVR)
  • Follow-Me/Ring Group/Queue
  • Phonebook LDAP Service 
  • Service of Awakening
  • Report on Billing
  • Technology for cancelling off echoes
  • Notification of an event
  • Notification of Voicemail Missed Call
  • Auto Provision 
  • IP Phones Support IMS 
  • IAX2 protocol support for email server anti-spam
  • The UC Manager programme from OpenVox
  • Support for DISA (Direct Inward System Access) Conferences 
  • Support for WebRTC 
  • AI TTS 
  • SIP Instant Messaging 
  • Mail Relay 
  • Fax to Email 
  • Music On Hold
  • Support Several VPN protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, N2N
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Why Techbot IP PABX/PBX Solution ?
Easy to Install, Manage and Scale
Any tech-savvy person with a basic idea of networking can set up multiple extensions, add users, and manage additional unified communication features, even from home.
Enhance Collaboration With Web Conferencing
With an IP PBX, you can hold web conferences with multiple attendees and ensure enhanced collaboration with video, screen-sharing, and whiteboard features.
Unified Communications to Boost Productivity
3CX Phone System can integrate and enable various business communication methods to boost productivity, increase mobility while enhancing the customer experience.
Take Your Office Extension Anywhere
Employees can simply plug in an IP phone at home to their Internet connection and dial using their office extension. Moreover, it enables employees to make phone calls with their browsers.
Reduction in Cost
The IP PBX/PABX system is economical to set up and manage. Companies can save up to 80% on phone bills over time using the 3CX communication system.
Integrate with Other Applications
PBX easily integrates with other business applications such as CRM, mail, or a database server that helps in increasing productivity.
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