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Odoo’s retail mode of sale application. This module enables users to combine Odoo with their company’s retail activities. Various connected devices can be used to access this capability remotely. A real-time integration with the firm inventory would also be beneficial in the retail setting.This module delivers front-end and back-end usability to the user, with changes that have been made to one side automatically affecting the other.

With the appropriate tools in the Odoo platform, the point of sale module can be configured for restaurant or shop operations as well. Users will be able to effectively run a hotel using the Odoo platform restaurant or bar management. Another significant element of the Odoo POS module is that this can be used offline and that real-time processes are simple to manage.


PoS Products

The product can be made available for usage in retail operations. The user can also opt to turn everything off except for the POS functionality and utilize it for the company’s operations. The product description in the POS may be done in the same way as it is in the platform’s purchasing module.

The product form of the POS framework is shown below, and the screening of items accessible in the POS is applied automatically. To see all of the items, the user can close these filter options. By selecting the create option in the POS module, new items may be created. The items you create here will be included in the company’s product description automatically.

Price list

The software allows you to set different product pricing for different consumer groups. Users can charge different prices to loyal, frequent, and occasional consumers using the product price list option. The POS module’s price list menu can be viewed in the module’s product tab.

By selecting the create option, the user may create a new price list. The user may give the price list a name and a company of operation in the price list creation menu. The price regulations may be established by selecting the add a line option in the respective menu. Multiple pricing rules can be established in the price list operation by the user.

Loyalty programs

The user has the ability to design loyalty programs that may be utilized in retail. Such loyalty programs will offer users customized pricing for a certain group of clients. In the loyalty program screen, which can be accessed through the module’s product menu, you may check the available loyalty programs and create new ones. The user may give the loyalty program a name and choose the number of points per dollar spent in the creation fields.

Payment Terminal

The Odoo software’s integration potential makes it easy to add numerous payment terminals to the program and assign them to different payment terminology. The user can enable the various payment terminals switches that have been already installed in the software in the POS module’s settings menu. The payment terminals that Odoo accepts are described in the Odoo applications, and the user may purchase and install the one they want.

Payment Method

 The payment methods menu is available from the configuration tab. All of the platform’s payment methods are included in the menu, and the user has the option to create a new one if needed.

The user may give the payment method a name, an intermediary account, activate the cash option, provide the cash journal, and enter company information in the payment method creation page.

User login and logout

Employee login and logout features are available on the platform, allowing the POS module to be controlled by various employees. The user will be provided with the following screen whenever the POS session is to be begun. The user could either scan the id Card that contains the barcode info or choose the appropriate cashier option. The user would be given a list of assigned cashiers from which they can choose, as well as a login ID verification screen, as described in the platform’s employee description.


Reporting is such an important part of the Odoo framework, it’s included in the Point of Sale module as well. The Point of Sale module’s reporting features will offer the user with analytical and quantitative information on the company’s sales activities in PoS operations. The reports may be created utilizing the different filter and grouping specifications that are provided, both default and configurable. In addition, the reports may be viewed in graphical and pivot views. The pivot view, on the other hand, will give the user a far more statistical analysis.

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