Odoo Enterprise vs Community

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Odoo is a well-functioning ERP software system that aids in the administration of all aspects of an organization’s operations, including Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce, Billing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Sales, Inventory Management, Human Resource Management, and so on. Odoo is a software package with over 15000 ready-to-use modules that may help you run and administer your business more efficiently.

So Odoo is referred to as a full ERP system that is always upgrading to newer versions with more sophisticated features every year. Similarly, the current version of Odoo, Odoo 14, has been launched, which is significantly quicker than previous versions.
Odoo, as we all know, is a well-structured module that comes in two versions.

Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise are two different types of Odoo versions.

Odoo Enterprise Edition is a premium ERP with additional features and services. Odoo originated as an open source ERP software that delivers business software features such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, MRP, Accounting, Inventory, and a variety of other modules to an enterprise. Despite the fact that the community edition is free, the Enterprise edition has extra features and benefits that we will explain in this blog article.
By dissecting the Odoo community, Odoo developed Enterprise Edition. Prior to the introduction of version 9, Odoo versions 8, 7, 6, and 5 were available and marketed as OpenERP software. The firm was able to modify its business model from offering exclusively open source solutions and services to offering proprietary products with the introduction of the Enterprise version. Each year, Odoo announces a new version, with several functionalities designated for the enterprise edition. The latest version is 14 enterprise editions (2020-21), and Odoo 15 is also on the way.

Let’s see some of the differences in features between Enterprise and Community editions


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