How to start a software company in Dubai

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The growing and expanding trend of the software industry and the increasing need of automation and flawless work in every field such as digital services and for many others – starting a software company is now more advantageous than ever. 

The software business in Dubai is booming, thanks to its tech-savvy populace and strong internet penetration rates. Furthermore, federal and municipal government backing encourages the general rise of software firms in Dubai.

Software Company Setup in Dubai may generate a lot of wealth because it is a long-term business option for today’s generation. 

The first and most crucial question that comes to mind is how to start a software firm in Dubai. Worry no more if you are having difficulty establishing a software company in Dubai or obtaining a software company licence in Dubai. 

As you read on, you will come across all of the information you need to start a software firm in Dubai.

How to start a software business in Dubai - steps/procedure

People enter this business after having most of the experience in this field. However, it is essential to have the proper details on how to register for the business and for that effective research is required.

Hence, this blog will present the step-by-step process so you won’t be stuck anywhere. 

Read further to know what are the things required to start a software company in Dubai.

1. Choosing an Appropriate Location

The mainland region and free zone area are the two different types of business areas accessible in Dubai.

Where can I start a software company in dubai as per infrastructure and audience – is a common question that you may have asked yourself.

Here’s our answer for you.

  1. Dubai Internet City
  2. Dubai Techno Park
  3. Dubai Knowledge Village
  4. Dubai Media City
  5. Dubai Silicon Oasis 

These are the few popular areas for setting up a software company in Dubai.

2. Register Your Business Name

Now that you are fully aware of the locations where you can set up your business in Dubai, let us look at the next important step.

Registration of your software company is an essential criteria. Register a legal trade name for your firm with the Dubai government.

Furthermore, the trade name must adhere to the norms and regulations imposed by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development.

Please take a note that there should be no racial slurs in the trade name. It should not target any community, caste, religion, or disrespect someone in any way.

3. Documentation

The next step is to understand and collect the documents needed for the business.

So, the question now is – What are the documents required to start a software company in Dubai ?

The list of required documents for setting up a software company depends on the type of your company (as sole proprietor or partnership). 

To ease your research process, we have mentioned all the required documents below:

  1. Application form
  2. NOC for any non-native partners
  3. Partnership agreements for more than one partner
  4. Entry stamp or Visa page
  5. Passport size photograph
  6. Passport copy of the shareholders
4. Lack of Change Management

The sort of permit you require is decided by the activities you intend to organise in your firm. 

In Dubai, the Department of Economic Development manages and distributes the software company licence. 

In the UAE, software businesses can apply for a professional licence that allows for 100% foreign ownership as well as solitary ownership. 

Software company licence is required in Dubai in order to complete the process to start your business. The UAE government checks on every commercial activity taking place in Dubai carefully. Getting a commercial licence for your software company in Dubai is a crucial necessity to complete legalisation of your company. 

So, how to get a Software development business licence in Dubai, UAE?

Simply follow the steps outlined below to obtain a software company licence in Dubai.

Step 1: Give your company a name.

Step 2: Submit documentation of identification and residency for all shareholders and owners involved.

Step 3: Incorporate your business.

Step 4: Determine where you want to set up your office or building 

Step 5: After completing all of the preceding stages, a licence will be granted by the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

Step 6 Open a current account with a legally recognised UAE bank.

5. Finance

Planning the cost of starting a software company in Dubai is the most crucial part. But if you are starting your company from scratch, it is not possible to provide a single figure for starting a software company in Dubai because of the variety of factors involved.

How much finance is required to start a software company in Dubai, UAE?

Although, it is possible to estimate a rough budget. 

If you are simply starting the business as a sole proprietorship and launching in a free zone, the initial setup cost is likely to be around 16 to 22,000 AED, with an annual renewal fee.

Still, keep in mind that there will be many other costs apart from simply doing company registration and necessary application fees. These may include things such as:

  1. Domain and hosting cost

  2. Initial marketing costs

  3. Business registration cost

  4. Consultation costs

  5. Security deposits on office space

  6. Company’s new current account with some deposits

  7. ERP for yourself and your employees

  8. Utility costs such as wifi, lighting and so on

  9. Budget  for various types of software you may require

  10.  Savings to pay your employees until you begin to make profit.

6. Visa

Carrying an employment visa as well as a residency visa is made mandatory by the government of the UAE for all business owners in Dubai. Several documents, along with a fitness test report, are needed for the approval of your visa in the UAE.

What are required documents for residency visa in Dubai 2022 ?

The criteria is very important to be eligible for residence visa in Dubai. Below mentioned are the required documents to get the residence visa.

  1. A current passport
  2. Two passport-sized photographs, in accordance with UAE visa photo criteria
  3. The UAE Visa application form, which may be accessed online or in a typing centre
  4. A visa for entrance
  5. Exam Proof of Medical fitness 
  6. A Proof of your sponsor’s UAE citizenship/legal residency
What resources do you need to start a software company in Dubai?

The best ERP software in the UAE that is tailored to all of your demands has the ability to revolutionise your company. It can help your business like no other, saving you time and money.

There are numerous ERP options on the market, but choosing the right one for your company is crucial because it has a direct impact on its expansion and profitability. ERP helps a business in the following ways –

  • A one-stop shop for business process automation and productivity improvement.
  • Run a business using lightning-fast, accurate information from anywhere in the world.
  • Assist organisations in building unique, role-based dashboards that connect to a variety of information systems, portals, and BI tools.
  • Based on past data and current patterns, help forecast trends.

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IT Product Supply and Services

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IT Support

Techbot’s IT Support services will help you in handling and managing your business with ease in the following manner –

Data Restoration

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IT AMC Service

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Remote Support 

We offer remote site help for hardware updates, network configuration, and other issues.

Business Relocation

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Desktop Support

We offer assistance with any system-related problems for users.


We hope you now have the required information and a clear idea on how to start a software business in Dubai. 

If you are thinking to start a company a Dubai, what exact solution are you looking for?

Contact Us today and we will be glad to answer.

Do I require a “No Objection Certificate” for incorporating a software company in Dubai?

The most important requirement for a working employee to set up their business in Dubai is to get an NOC form the employer. So, it ensures that they don’t have any issues regarding your new company.

Which licence is to be issued for setting up a software business in dubai?

A commercial or professional licence, as well as other specific permissions issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, are necessary for the foundation of such a firm. The professional licence is provided by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED).

Is it necessary for all software companies in Dubai to register for VAT?

If your new or existing business is crossing the threshold of annual turnover, it gets mandatory to register for VAT.

Where are the Free zones to set up a software company in Dubai?

Dubai is a worldwide city and the major business location in the Middle East. Because of its location as a port city, it is also an international tourism and transit centre. UAE Free Zones provides consultancy services that provide clear direction and help to clever investors looking to establish onshore or offshore enterprises in the UAE.


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