Empower Your Business Enterprise with Techbot ERP Solution

Do you need the best ERP software in Dubai to manage your business efficiently? Are you looking for the most reliable ERP solution providers in Dubai? Well, it’s time to consider the Techbot ERP System. It ensures that your business is integrated on all levels, from taking customer orders to managing the supply chain, costing, and budgeting.
We work with domestic and global clients to identify and solve their complex business, organizational, and operational problems. Our ERP solution helps leaders run their businesses meritoriously and resourcefully.
Remote Working is the new reality. To ensure adequate business continuity, every enterprise needs to transition to the remote working model quickly. Our solutions will help you organize work with your team from anywhere across the globe.
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ERP System Can Help Fuel Your Business

  • Centralized & integrated software for business processes
  • Inventory management is more accurate
  • Accounting is easier and takes less time
  • Effective decision-making
  • Better sales and customer experience
  • Improved communication & data exchange
  • Greater Transparency
  • Reduced operational costs
What Is Enterprise Resource Planning?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business process management software. ERP system streamlines various management activities and business processes of an organization like planning, inventory, customer relationship management, sales, accounting, etc., into a unified system. It delivers cost-effective, agile, and flexible solutions for business growth.
In the ever-evolving world of technological advancements, the need for a robust and cost-effective solution is undeniable. The best ERP software in UAE, customized to meet all your needs, can be a potential game-changer for your business. It can save time, money and support your business like none other.
There is a plethora of ERP solutions available in the market but finding a perfect fit for your business is essential as it directly affects the growth and profitability of your business.
One-stop solution that automates your business processes and boosts productivity.
Operate business from any corner of the world, on super-fast accurate information.
Help organizations create custom, role-based dashboards that integrate with various info systems, portals, and BI solutions.
Help predicts trends based on historical data and trends.

Why Odoo?


As globalization squeezes the market for many industries, it’s critical to seek the right tool that gives your business a competitive edge. Techbot Odoo ERP is a “one-stop” solution for your business.

Odoo is an easy-to-use software that customizes the whole experience of sales, accounting, purchase, marketing, and management of various departments. It offers the solution of 7000 plus modules, and each module caters to a specific business requirement.

The whole range of Odoo apps is user-friendly. All interfaces have visual elements that let the work processes proceed with ease.

A Real Customer-centric CRM System

With Odoo CRM software, you can track potential leads, close opportunities, and get accurate forecasts. All the information about leads and customers in a single place helps you make better decisions.

Make Smart Decisions Faster

Companies can make more informed and effective decisions with the help of Odoo CRM. It helps you achieve more in less amount of time.

Real-time Messaging

Odoo CRM helps you stay connected with your customers via email, phone, chat, and social media. This customer relationship management tool helps you build effective and long-term relationships with the clients.

7 million users grow their business with Odoo.

What We Offer
We not only develop an ERP system, but we even provide consultancy for the best ERP software that will suit all your business needs and help you implement the software, including data migration and integration.
Odoo Software Development
After buying the Odoo license, if our customer needs us to develop the Odoo software, we will be happy to help. Our developers can build the software to meet your unique business needs by customizing it as per your industry & requirements.
Odoo Implementation
Implementing Odoo ERP in the right way is an essential factor in ensuring the success of your business. You must choose the right implementation partner for its success. At Techbot, we cover the major industrial sectors like manufacturing, trading, finance, ecommerce, and accounts.
Odoo Support
We provide 24/7 online support for your Odoo subscription. Under this support system, we furnish you with the relevant documents & details required. We also help you to resolve issues that might come up in using the database of Odoo.
Odoo Training
At Techbot, we also have a training management system through which we train the employees of the company after they buy the Odoo license. This helps them to understand how to utilize the platform so that the business potential is enhanced.
An App for Every Business Need

Website Apps

Design an awesome enterprise website that enhances user experience.

  • Website Builder : Build a fully customizable and SEO-friendly website.
  • eCommerce : Recover abandoned carts with targeted promotions.
  • Blogs : Attract more visitors to your product pages with a winning content marketing strategy.
  • Forums : Connect with your community. Ask questions, get answers.
  • Live Chat : Engage directly with your website visitors to attract leads and boost online sales.
  • eLearning : Make it easy for your visitors and customers to access your content.
  • Events : Automate registrations, reminders, and follow-ups.
  • Appointment : Manage meetings online.

Sales Apps

An integrated system that boosts sales and improves customer experience.

  • CRM :  Keep track of all interactions with your opportunities and customers and improve your sales cycle.
  • Sales : Turn sales & purchase orders into invoices in one click and track them through their payment
  • Point of Sale : Keep customers in touch and retain them with loyalty programs.
  • Subscriptions : Manage subscriptions automatically.
  • Rental : Manage everything from a single place, from scheduling to invoicing.

Finance Apps

 A fast and modern user interface with all the time-saving tools for your business growth.

  • Accounting : Record all invoices in your books and keep track of payments.
  • Invoicing : Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, and get paid faster.
  •  Expenses : Track expenses and re-invoice them in batches.

Operations Apps

A software application that automates business operations and maximizes efficiency.

  • Inventory : Synchronize your stock levels based on your purchases and create automatic replenishment rules to avoid stockouts.
  • Project : Manage project forecasts, teams, and files. Easily delegate tasks and monitor each step of the project.
  • Timesheets : Validate timesheets and analyze timesheets reports.
  • Purchase : Automate RFQs and POs based on minimum stock or sales orders and keep track of incoming shipments.
  • Helpdesk : Notify your customers about their ticket status and issue resolution.
  • Documents : Keep track of all your files and store them in the same place, safe and secure.
  • Field Service : Manage your work days from anywhere, on any device.

Manufacturing Apps

A modern solution that speeds up manufacturing operations at every level for better performance.

  • MRP  : Automate fulfillment to maintain correct inventory levels
  • PLM :  Manage engineering changes and versions easily.
  • Maintenance : Plan preventive maintenance and act quickly to correct problems.
  • Quality : Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily.

Human Resources Apps

An application tool that streamlines HR processes like recruitment applications, appraisals, referrals, etc. for companies.

  • Recruitment : Streamline your recruitment process. Index resumes, track applicants, and search profiles.
  • Employees :  Oversee your employees’ directory. Retain significant information about your team.
  • Time Off : Manages leave requests and employee allocations. Update calendars automatically.
  • Appraisals : Follow-up on employee development. Set up appraisals and help your employees grow and evolve.
  • Referrals : Turn your employees into head-hunters and reward them for it.
  • Fleet :  Manage your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances, and assignments without pain.
  • Approvals : Manage employees’ requests in one place.

Communication Apps

A powerful tool integrated with all modules to enhance team communication.

  • Discuss – Keep conversations open from anywhere.
  • eSignature – Prepare contracts, submit signature requests in seconds, and track the status of sent documents.
  • Survey – Easily create appealing online surveys and analyze the results.

Marketing Apps

An application system that automates your marketing workflow.

  • Automation : Formulate elaborate and advanced marketing campaigns that are centered around your prospects.
  • Email : Create email campaigns to engage your customers or encourage leads to take action.
  • ·SMS : Create SMs campaigns for leads, opportunities and customers.
  • ·Social : Manage social media, web push notifications, and live chat.

Customization Apps

A fantastic design tool that builds custom applications in no time.

  • Odoo Studio :  Create & customize business apps, advanced screens, automated tasks, mobile apps in minutes.