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Keeping track of client requirements and serving them gets increasingly challenging as our company grows. Profit increases as the number of clients increases, but sustaining relationships with each one becomes increasingly challenging. Successful customer interaction is critical for boosting customer loyalty and improving corporate performance. A well-structured ERP will strengthen customer relationship management in any business. Odoo 14 is the most powerful ERP for successfully sustaining client relationship management.Furthermore, Odoo CRM is a dependable idea for enhancing customer interactions, decreasing expenses, and boosting business profit margins. A CRM program not only aids in the management of present customers, but also in the acquisition of new ones. Before moving to Odoo CRM, it’s a great platform for coordinating business operations, automating procedures, and motivating the team to work in sync with the customer.
Why do you need Odoo CRM for your Business?

Contact management

Odoo has a well knit contact management system that eases the access from every point of the software. It keeps track of all the records and documents related to particular contact. Contact management has a clean and neat interface.

Lead Management

Lead management is one of the areas where most of the businesses tend to fail due to lack of a good management system. Best lead management boosts sales and leads to a real boom.

Odoo CRM has a better lead management system where we can track the end to end process with each lead until it is won. And even the after service seems very efficient with the integrated lead management and contact management systems.

We have these many options and features in managing a lead.

We can directly convert a lead into opportunity by clicking on the “Convert to Opportunity” button.

Also we have a “Mark As Lost” button, and we can give reasons for that.

We can even send messages to the customer from the same window itself by clicking on the “Send Message” Button. Also we can have internal communication using this “Log Note” button.

We can schedule activity to follow up to the leads using the “Schedule Activity” button.

Then a pop up wizard would appear like this, where we can set it.

Pipeline System

We have a good pipeline system to track and manage the leads that are converted to opportunities.
Screenshot from 2021-07-04 16-41-07

Sales Team Management

We can easily create and manage the sales team with this Odoo CRM.

Efficient and interactive Reportinga

Odoo CRM has got a very efficient and effective reporting system. We have a lot of filtering and group by option using which we can drill down and get a customized report of everything in the CRM. Even Odoo has brilliant graphs and chart reportings.

Pivot View

Graph Views

Pros And Cons of A PBX System

Before upgrading your system, you should consider its pros and cons. Listed below are some pros and cons that will help you in making a better decision.

To conclude

Odoo CRM gives you the ability to track the end to end process and even after service of a lead that comes to your company. Which creates a credibility in your customers mind that would boost your goodwill.
The advantage of Techbot ERP solutions is it far outweighs the cost of implementation. We will help you choose the right plan so that the goals of implementation are met. With time, money and efforts saved, your organization can not only plan and strategize better but also perform exceedingly well in a digitally revolutionized marketplace. 
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