Why Should You Choose Techbot’s Odoo ERP Over Other ERPs?

There is no denying the fact that ERPs have become an integral part of businesses that want to stay afloat in the current market. In order to maintain and optimize workflow productivity, it is important to find an ERP that saves time and enhances the profitability quotient of a business. However, most ERPs require additional investments, in the form of time, resources and finances. Thereby, choosing an ERP that is time and cost-efficient is the need of the hour.

There is a whole host of ERP software solutions to choose from, like MS Dynamics NAV, SAP Business One, NetSuite etc. Being an SME, the biggest problem that you will face while implementing any one of these software solutions is the lack of appropriate information regarding prices and features. This leads to further confusion and not only is your precious time wasted but you also end up putting a lot of money in all the wrong pockets.

To avoid these problems and make the most of your company’s potential, we recommend choosing ODOO ERP over others and that is precisely why we, at Techboterp, are the licensed providers of ODOO. Why should you choose this ERP? Listed below are the points that you should consider before making the choice.


Freedom of Implementation

When you opt for Techboterp ODOO ERP, you have the freedom of hosting and server selection that you do not have with other ERPs. You can host ODOO ERP on cloud and also on your computer. ODOO will assist you by managing your server on the basis of the apps and user you select. With the current inclination towards a mobile-first world, clients are invariably looking for options that make the entire work process a lot more convenient. Cloud hosting gives people that freedom of fuss-free data entry, easy navigation, Android native app, multi-user management options and much more.

Suitable for all business needs

Usually, with ERP software options, you or your clients might face the problem of a few fixed solutions for all kinds of needs. However, that is often a flawed option. Techboterp’s ODOO ERP addresses this problem and offers the solution of 7000 plus modules, out of which, each module caters to a particular business need. 

All businesses have their unique phases of growth and expansion. With ODOO, you have the option of choosing and implementing a module that is in accordance with the current workflow needs of your business. Also, ODOO is continuing to be updated with newer versions that will further contribute to enhancing your business productivity.

All solutions under one roof

With our ODOO ERP, we offer multiple features and solutions under one roof. You have access to business support systems, management and enhancement of business operations in one place. In simpler terms, all your needs under sales and marketing, CRM, human resources and warehouse management, accounting, POS etc will be taken care of. This will ensure that you do not have spend further time in outsourcing your remaining business needs.

User-friendly interface

The ODOO ERP solution that we provide is a powerhouse but what differentiates it from other ERPs is the sheer ease of use it offers. Due to its add-on features in user interface, it will offer complete support to you. Other ERPs are either not fully functional or do not have direct customer support. Their web interface might also not be mobile-friendly. With ODOO, you have a responsive layout that allows you to maximize the mobile usage of the software. 

Easily customizable

At Techboterp, we give you a whole range of customization options that most ERPs do not give. The Enterprise version of ODOO, that we offer, gives enough flexibility to withstand changes that often happen in businesses. Alongside, ODOO is flexible enough to co-exist with other software solutions that a particular business might be using at the moment.

Moreover, our customization tools are so simple that it does not even require high-end technical knowledge to customize business apps, workflows and other requirements.

Concluding Thoughts

With such relevant advantages over other ERPs, it is but obvious that TechbotERP’s Odoo ERP will always have an upper hand. It is faster, more affordable and easier, that eventually saves time, money and supports your unique business needs like none other.

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Which is the best business ERP solution?

Business solutions can be innovative ideas or combinations that are tailored as per the business requirements to achieve the best objectives. These solutions can be a package of some integrated business activities, like marketing, lead generation, accounts management, employee management, and so on. The business solution must make the work easy. The overall management must be done with much ease. Recently, ERP solutions seem to take over the business burdens.

What is ERP?

ERP, the Enterprise Resource Planning, is the solution that integrates the management activities and business processes to make it as simple as that. It’s mediated by technology and software. Mostly these ERP soft-wares are used by different companies to organize their management activities and integrate all the business processes with one system or software. It’s quite beneficial to manage and monitor the business from wherever you are. It helps in better tracking of the whole business. Earlier we needed separate accounting software to manage the accounts of the company and we needed to manually manage it.

But with ERP solution accounting becomes an easy and simple task. Since all the company processes are integrated and automated we need not manually do accounts. It will be automatically updated and correct reports will be generated. Here all the business activities like, CRM, sales, purchase, inventory, and so on are integrated with the accounting module too. Thus, we can see many ERP service providers in this scenario. 

What is Odoo?

 On-Demand Open Object, shortly known as Odoo is an Open ERP software, developed by Fabien Pinckaers and released in the year 2005. The business management software Odoo includes the core modules like CRM, accounting, eCommerce, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Website, Project management, and many more. All these enable a business to be integrated. It’s available in both the Community version which is licensed for the general public and the Enterprise version which is having a proprietary license-ship. Recently, Odoo V14 has been released which is currently in use. Over the years, Odoo saw great growth and presently Odoo has 5+ million users across the world. It has 17000+ third-party applications developed by various Odoo partners. Still, Odoo is in great zeal and zest to explore new horizons every day.

Why is Odoo?

Odoo is an Open Source ERP which means its source code is publicly available and therefore we are able to customize it according to the requirements of the customers, with the help of a Software developer. However, it needs great development skills to customize the source code of an Open ERP. Odoo has many inbuilt modules with default settings but a user can customize it as per their requirements. Now, if the customization does not go well the user may face serious issues.

Let’s see some key points.

  • Open source code : Source code of Odoo is publicly available and a user can customize it as per their needs.

  • Flexibility : With the help of an Odoo Developer, a user can customize their Odoo and use it like they want.

  • User friendly : Comparatively, Odoo is more user-friendly than all other ERP software.

  • Third-Party application : There are 17000+ third-party applications available in Odoo Store. Anyone can download it and use it.

  • Odoo support : A user gets good support from Odoo and timely emails. Odoo service is also available through various Odoo partners.

  • Proven product : Odoo is a proven product with 5+ million users.

  • Timely updations : Odoo does timely updates to the software. Currently, Odoo V14 is on board.

  • Highly modular : A user need not install all the applications rather only the needed modules which eases their business.

  • Integration with third-party services : Odoo is also integrated with many third-party services like SMS, Mails, Social media, and so on.

  • Low implementation cost : Comparatively, Odoo has a lower implementation cost.

  • Takes less time for implementation : Odoo takes less time to implement, comparatively.

Who is Techbot?

 At Team Techbot, we are an Official Ready Partner of Odoo, established in Dubai, U.A.E. Our motto is “Simple Solution for Complex Operation”. We ensure in providing high-quality Odoo services across the globe. We deliver value solutions for our customers. Being the Official Ready Partner of Odoo we provide Odoo ERP customization, implementation, and other Odoo related services. We always stand with customer satisfaction and provide high-end quality services. We are rich in best management practices. We have the best Odoo developers and Consultants, and our R & D team is always updated with fluctuating business conditions and the latest technologies.

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Working from home? Here are 10 tools to keep your team connected while working remotely.

Even before the coronavirus disrupted the planet, remote working has gone from that rare occasion of workforce arrangements to a standard component of many people’s workweek.

Businesses, large and small, continue to embrace the remote workplace – even startups are on board with this. With remote working being the new trend, collaboration is also found to be the new normal; employees are no longer expected to work independently. Instead, working together is more beneficial. While collaboration means improved efficiency and increased productivity, you still need the right tools to work together successfully.

Most notably, during this unprecedented time where remote working is a first for some companies that haven’t yet adopted this policy, challenges can quickly arise. Odoo has several apps available to help your team stay connected while transitioning into the remote workforce. From instance, messaging to task and productivity trackers, from customer service web chats to SMS text messaging, Odoo has this covered.

Real-Time Communication/ Instant Messaging

Communication within the team can be the biggest challenge when your workforce is remote.

Odoo Inbox

Odoo Inbox can be customized as much or as little as you’d like. It allows seamless communication between individual team members, departments, and/or the entire company. Different chat channels enable people to discuss work, brainstorm ideas, and stay connected throughout the workday. It allows direct messages (DMs) and files to be sent to a single person or a group of employees, including the ability to organize conversations into different channels.

New channels can be created for different teams, projects, or whatever else is relevant to your business. In each channel, members can tag each other, share documents, and communicate through voice calls. In addition to this, the built-in bot will notify you if you’ve missed any important messages.  

Odoo Live Chat

Odoo Live Chat integrates with your Odoo website to allow your team to chat with your customers in real-time and answer questions, schedule appointments, and sell your products or services in 1:1 conversations. The Odoo widget can be customized to include an avatar greeting and place an ‘away message’ for any queries that come in after regular business hours. It’s a great personal touch to add to your “online office” and e-store.

Odoo SMS

Today, businesses use a wide range of methods to interact with customers. From a VoIP phone system to personalized emails, most brands aim to create an omnichannel experience that best serves their consumers. That’s why email, messaging, SMS, or IM services have become a highly effective form of communication; a channel that many customer service teams are beginning to adopt. Odoo Voip truly provides two-way communication, meaning that your customers can write back to any message you send, and you’d be able to reply directly.

Project Management

Working remotely requires a top-notch project management tool because your employees most likely has several ongoing projects to complete. With several ongoing projects, you’ll need a clear form of communication to keep the details organized for your employees. Odoo Project Management is the right tool for this if you haven’t already got it, now is the time to set it up. It allows you to plan, track, and collaborate on projects in a visually simple manner. You can monitor tasks, discussions, documents, scheduling, milestones, collaboration, and more, in a user-friendly dashboard.

The simplicity of the drag-and-drop functionality is particularly useful for projects and general workflow management among teams. It integrates with Google Drive, Outlook, and Google Calendar, so you can use this as a central focal point for teams to work together. It’s very flexible and allows you to use boards, lists, and cards to map out your projects.

Tasks are easy to assign and break down since status updates and project progress are available at a glance. Once you’ve created a new board for your projects, you can add any relevant team members to the board. From there, you can create tasks, assign them to other team members, and share documents, all within your Odoo dashboard.

Additionally, Business Owners can also stay on top of every ongoing projects within the company; you can always see the bigger picture, what’s in progress, what’s coming up, and who’s in charge of what. In addition to this, project managers can easily delegate work, set deadlines, review, and evaluate what’s left to do.

Ultimately, for remote employees, the Odoo Project Management app includes all the tools needed to avoid missing deadlines.

Odoo HR

Human resource management is a difficult job. It includes managing time off, negotiating salaries, booking meetings across various time zones, and managing conflicts; with a lot going on, there is more potential for things to slip through the cracks.

Odoo HR is an employee management solution with integrated team communication features. Not only does it offer a way for you to contact your employees, but it also tracks the daily aspects of managing them. With Odoo HR, you can track your employees’ work hours, handle scheduling, and communicate efficiently with them in team chats. The app is easy to customize to the needs of your business. 

Employee profiles

To make sure business communication stays strong and connected, it is essential to make sure that your employees know one another. Whether a company is large or small, challenges can arise if a member doesn’t know who or what other employees do. With that said, employees need to know which department colleagues work in to improve communication about specific topics or ask particular questions to the right person.

With the Employees app, employee profiles provide context about each person within your organization. Members can read about specific individuals, understand their roles, interests, and who they report to. Furthermore, the profiles put a name to a face making it easier to know who is who within the company. 

Task management

Task management and collaboration can be extremely challenging while working remotely with various teams. If you do not have an efficient task management tool, overall business performance will not be as successful as it can be. A task management tool that combines stable communication features with assignment tracking capabilities, will transform the way employees complete the most vital aspect of your company: their jobs. Without a reliable project management system in place, projects can be confusing, which may result in a wasted amount of time for team members trying to figure out what they should be doing. These issues further escalate when management does not have a direct way of monitoring progress, thus detaching them from the situation.

Odoo Project’s task management is one of the most effective business communication tools compared to others. This tool is made easy from the execution to completion of each task as it helps employees and directors reach their goals as successfully as possible in a timely manner. Managers can directly assign tasks to team members and track their progress. They can also set due dates and priority settings, which appear in an organized list for everyone involved. With built-in communication tools, Odoo task management helps employees know who is delegating an assignment when it is due, and the level of importance to planning projects accordingly.


The best meetings are held when people prepare for them. Creating a way to efficiently schedule your meetings can give you more time to prepare for the actual meeting. With that said, one may think that scheduling meetings are an easy process, but it can take up a lot of time when choosing a time and date for your meeting. Additionally, this process usually involves an unnecessarily long email chain. Appointment schedulers help make the process quick and easy. They allow you to poll colleagues and friends on the best date and time for the meeting to be scheduled. It makes your availability known to others and helps ensure that you don’t double-book a time slot. The Appointments app connects to your online calendar, which is fully integrated into your Google and Outlook Calendar, making it easy to schedule meetings.

Amongst everything else, the app provides you with the option to send invitations to the people you need to meet with, allowing you to see what day and time work best for them too. It syncs all the confirmed appointments to your calendar and creates an event on your invitees’ calendars. While it works well for scheduling meetings with individuals or team members within an organization, it also makes it ideal for connecting with external clients, customers, and colleagues.

Meeting Management

Poorly planned or unnecessary meetings waste the valuable time of your most important resource—your team members. Bad meetings slow processes down, create confusion, and breeds a lack of confidence in the organizer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend all your time planning the perfect meetings; instead, let technology help. With Odoo, you can put most of the work behind scheduling meetings on autopilot and focus on other things that matter, technology handles the rest.

Automatically Create Meetings from Events in Your Other Apps

With easy automation, you can generate new meetings from actions in your other planning and organizational tools. You’ll never find yourself scheduling pointless meetings.

Get Reminder Before Your Meeting Begins

The right meeting scheduler tool helps you get meetings onto your calendar quickly and efficiently, and that helps keep you productive. But you don’t have to stop there. Another way to stay productive is to automatically have notifications sent to you before a meeting occurs in whatever app or device that best suits you.

Not only can you receive reminders in your Google and Outlook calendars or by email, but also you can get SMS notifications however far in advance you like before events in your Google Calendar start. Anything you can do to make your routine of scheduling meetings more efficient is a win for everyone because it allows you to focus on preparing for the meeting instead of finding the right time for it.

Send Meeting Minutes to the Right People

Taking notes and sending them to the right people can take up time, making it feel like a time-waster. Don’t let it waste your time. After taking notes during your meeting, Odoo can send these to your team (and your supervisor) to keep everyone on the same page.

Share and Collaborate on New Notes

The takeaway points and action items are the most important outcome of most meetings. It’s important that you don’t forget to share these with your team. With that said, you can automate that process, so you never have to think about it again.

Send Meeting Minutes to the Right People

Taking notes and sending them to the right people can take up time, making it feel like a time-waster. Don’t let it waste your time. After taking notes during your meeting, Odoo can send these to your team (and your supervisor) to keep everyone on the same page.

Send Meeting Minutes to the Right People

Taking notes and sending them to the right people can take up time, making it feel like a time-waster. Don’t let it waste your time. After taking notes during your meeting, Odoo can send these to your team (and your supervisor) to keep everyone on the same page.

Send Meeting Minutes to the Right People

Taking notes and sending them to the right people can take up time, making it feel like a time-waster. Don’t let it waste your time. After taking notes during your meeting, Odoo can send these to your team (and your supervisor) to keep everyone on the same page.

Send Meeting Minutes to the Right People

Taking notes and sending them to the right people can take up time, making it feel like a time-waster. Don’t let it waste your time. After taking notes during your meeting, Odoo can send these to your team (and your supervisor) to keep everyone on the same page.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. The easy-to-customize templates can help you build an appealing newsletter with relevant information, business updates, and entertaining content. Email is one of the best ways to reach someone, too. Email marketing is 40 times more effective at reaching your target consumer than Twitter or Facebook. While your store is closed, use your newsletter to share content that entertains people or keeps them engaged with your brand. Email Marketing is equipped to help you build something that generates a high open rate.

Social Marketing

Whether you’re managing social media for your business or are trying to build a personal brand, managing all social media platforms can be a huge responsibility. You might be creating a Facebook Page, trying to improve your LinkedIn profile, or waiting for company mentions on Twitter. On the other hand, many customers automatically resort to social media channels to stay in touch with businesses. Your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages are the default place where they will go to find out if you’re open, selling or accepting returns.

A team working remotely is likely to have a pretty varied schedule. To ensure that social marketing doesn’t get left behind and your content marketing stays on track, you can use Social Marketing to schedule posts in advance, so they always publish at just the right time. With Social Marketing, your team can simultaneously respond to comments, direct messages, and posts that your company has been tagged on to keep up with any questions and concerns. Social Marketing allows you to:

Share New Content

One of the best ways to build a stable community on any social network is to share content that your followers will find interesting.

Cross-Post and Syndicate Content

You’ve written a great post. Now it’s time to ensure your audience sees it regardless of what platform they’re using. It’s tedious to share content across platforms, but with Social Marketing, you can automatically cross-post content between all of your social media accounts.

Monitor Your Brand Online

Tracking your online brand mentions can be tedious while working with multiple tools, sifting through pages and pages of links to find legitimate brand mentions. Social Marketing can help monitor social networks for you automatically.


Whether you’re in a meeting or doing research, taking notes helps you concentrate and gives you a reference later to remind and reinforce the context of your work. It may be less effort than writing a full transcript, but notes still take a significant amount of time to format, organize, and follow through. Whenever you need to take notes about something, you should do it in Odoo Notes.

It helps you make your notes actionable

Having your notes convert into a task list where you can check things off allows you to stay on top of your work and ensures that you don’t miss following up on those critical items. Or, you could create notes from your new tasks. That way, whenever you add something new to your to-do list, you’ll have a perfect space to track your thoughts and notes.

Get Reminded About Notes on Your Calendar

Sometimes we as humans make mistakes and forget things. Following up with all the action items that you just jotted down can be a repetitive task. But, you can create a workflow that automatically turns your notes into reminders in a calendar so you’ll remember to check back on your notes.

With Documents, you can store multiple versions of all of your documents and control access rights to ensure everyone has access to what they need. You also have access to file edit history to see who changed what. Plus, it’s easier to collaborate in real-time and avoid sending edited versions of documents back and forth. It’s also a great way to organize work from freelancers and your remote team when they need to submit projects.

Documents and Files Cloud storage

When it comes to remote work, collaboration doesn’t just take place through video chat, but on files as well. This is why it’s imperative to have an app that enables project stakeholders to share and edit files with their remote teams. This is where cloud storage applications like Odoo Documents can come in handy. By moving all your files to the cloud, it ensures that your team has uninterrupted access to relevant documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, and more.

With Documents, you can store multiple versions of all of your documents and control access rights to ensure everyone has access to what they need. You also have access to file edit history to see who changed what. Plus, it’s easier to collaborate in real-time and avoid sending edited versions of documents back and forth. It’s also a great way to organize work from freelancers and your remote team when they need to submit projects.
With Documents, you can store multiple versions of all of your documents and control access rights to ensure everyone has access to what they need. You also have access to file edit history to see who changed what. Plus, it’s easier to collaborate in real-time and avoid sending edited versions of documents back and forth. It’s also a great way to organize work from freelancers and your remote team when they need to submit projects.

Make Signing Documents Easy

While ink pens and paper may seem like a thing of the past, signatures still hold weight and make business deals real. You can simplify the process and automate and sign documents with digital ink, and modernize this old-world aspect of the company.

Time Tracking and Productivity

One of the challenges with remote work is that employers and clients want to know that work is getting done, and productivity isn’t falling short. At the same time, employees don’t want to have constant check-ins, neither do they want to feel like someone’s watching over their back. This is when using a time tracking tool comes in handy.

It is a great way for businesses to measure employee productivity but also hold employees accountable for their work. On the employee side, especially for freelancers and independent contractors, time tracking software can be critical when it comes to sending invoices to payroll. All parties involved benefit from the unbiased time and productivity tracking.

Conclusion – Working From Home Is Here To Stay

The coronavirus lockdown has shown remote working is possible on a far wider scale than many companies anticipated. The flexible working conditions are turning into a new norm, and this shift is noticeable in the working culture. Even after the pandemic passes, it is expected that there will be more of a cultural shift towards working from home as a norm and many employees will want to do this, at the very least for part of the week. On the other hand, employers, managers, and founders will realize that the home office can actually help productivity. With great tools, resources, and advanced technology, it has never been this simple to set up a professional working environment at home that empowers efficiency.

The advantage of TechbotERP solutions far outweighs the cost of implementation. We will help you choose the right plan so that the goals of implementation are met. With time, money and efforts saved, your organization can not only plan and strategize better but also perform exceedingly well in a digitally revolutionized marketplace. For a free demo, call us at +971559447833 or write us at care@techboterp.com.

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